Travelling without Barriers

Assistance to passengers with reduced mobility is provided free of charge.
If you are not certain whether your health will permit you to travel by air consult your travel plans with your physician.


If you require special assistance at the airport, during check-in and flight, inform us at the time of making the reservation at least 48 hours before travel.
To make your reservation, please, contact our sales office or send us your telephone number to We will call you back as soon as possible.

  • Acceptance of passengers with reduced mobility for air carriage may be limited with regard to their safety as well as safety of the other passengers.
  • In exceptional cases Czech Airlines may refuse the carriage of such passenger or/and his/her medical equipment due to safety reasons (provided type of aircraft, its entry/exit door, technical equipment or narrow space aboard does not allow sufficiently safe transportation).
  • Czech Airlines may also require a passenger with reduced mobility to be accompanied by another person due to safety requirements of emergency procedures.
    • Maximum number of immobile passengers aboard without escort:
      ATR/A319 aircraft  1
      A320/330 aircraft  2

Escort means a person able to provide the necessary assistance to the immobile passenger moving on board (e.g., between the seat and lavatory, aircraft door or emergency exit).

At the airport

  • Within the European Union, assistance services are provided for all passengers with reduced mobility by local airport company regardless of air carrier.
  • An airport wheelchair is available upon your arrival at the airport, during check-in and on the way to/from the aircraft.
  • Outside the European Union, assistance services are provided by Czech Airlines’ ground handling agent with respect to the technical equipment and conditions of the airport.
  • Passengers with reduced mobility may carry up to 2 pieces of orthopaedic aids (including wheelchair) as checked baggage free of charge in addition to the free baggage allowance shown on the ticket.
  • Guide dog accompanying blind or else disabled passenger is carried free of charge in passenger’s cabin. The dog must wear a harness and leash, must have training certificate and other required travel documents.

Map of Prague Airport area

Aboard an aircraft

  • A collapsible wheelchair to move a passenger with reduced mobility during the flight is available aboard A330, A320 and A319 aircraft types only.
  • Due to lack of space aboard an aircraft a seat next to the passenger, who is dependent on accompanying dog, is to be blocked free of charge in order to transport dog on the floor.

If you have any questions please contact our sales office or Call centre at +420 239 007 007.