In co-operation with Deutsche Bahn, Czech Airlines offers connection to more than 5,600 destinations around Germany

The Rail & Fly service allows you to use connections to/from all Deutsche Bahn railways stations, i.e. to more than 5,600 destinations around Germany from Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Hamburg - three destinations where Czech Airlines will fly you. The service may, naturally, be used in the reverse order too, i.e. from any Deutsche Bahn railway station to Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Hamburg airports from where you can continue aboard Czech Airlines’ flights to Prague or other destinations within the carrier’s network.

Where may the Rail & Fly service be used?
A wide range of trains within the Deutsche Bahn network (e.g.: ICE, Railjet, EC, IC, RB, RE, IRE and S-Bahn) may be used for your travels around Germany with the Rail & Fly service in connection with a Czech Airlines flight for getting to/from the airport. Additional surcharges apply upon use of the ICE Sprinter, D-Nacht, EN and CNL trains, while auto trains, Thalys trains and ferries are excluded from the services.

The Rail & Fly transport class corresponds with the Czech Airlines’ ticketing class. Purchasing a ticket in Business Class as part of the airfare and the Rail & Fly service package entitles you to travel in the 1st class carriages of the above listed Deutsche Bahn trains. An Economy Class ticket combined with the Rail & Fly service allows for travelling in the 2nd class carriages.

What is the Rail & Fly ticket validity?
The Rail & Fly ticket purchased together with your airfare is valid for your railway transport on the day of arrival in Germany and the following day, or on the day of departure from Germany and the previous day.

How to purchase airfare with the Rail & Fly service?
Airfare with the Rail & Fly service may be purchased within the network of Czech Airlines’ ticketing offices, including counters at Václav Havel Airport Prague, via the Czech Airlines’ Contact Centre or within the network of travel agencies and airfare sales points. The Rail & Fly service may only be booked and purchased in combination with airfare – never as a separate product. All taxes and fees, including the Rail & Fly fare, are included in the airfare.

How to travel with Rail & Fly?
The airline ticket contains, alongside the name of the arrival airport, the name of the arrival or departure Deutsche Bahn railway station, under a uniform QYG code. Thus, you can select your departure or arrival railway station at the moment you are commencing your journey.

To use the train, you need to show your airline ticket together with a separate Rail & Fly ticket.

Using the data given in the electronic airfare itinerary, the Rail & Fly ticket may be printed at or picked up from a Deutsche Bahn kiosk at the railway station.

Detailed rules and conditions governing the Rail & Fly service are published in the Information for passengers using Rail&Fly Tickets.